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Volunteering helps you to know about the culture and lifestyle of the local people. 

After devastating earthquake of 7.8 magnitude on 25th April, 2015, and aftershock of 7.3 magnitude on May 12th, 2015, and many aftershocks thereafter, more than 8500 people have lost their lives and many people have become homeless and are injured.  They have been taking shelters in an open area in tents.  After quake, houses in different part of the country, few heritage sites in Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Baudhanath, Patan, etc. have been damaged which were famous for tourist.  These have been included in World Heritage Site by UNESCO.  These sites will re-open after maintenance.  Government along with the help of Department of Archeology is trying to clean up the rubble from affected areas and have started to rebuild.  Also, few trekking routes like Langtang and Gorkha has been damaged but other routes are completely safe to trek.

More than 90% infrastructures have been damaged in Langtang and Gorkha. So, the daily life and economy has been hugely affected in these areas. Schools, health posts, hospitals, and houses are damaged, so there are no proper     shelters to live in and health posts to get regular checkups and no school to get education.  So in this situation, we encourage you to volunteer to help restore and reconstruct the house, schools, health posts, etc.  You will be a part of our team to help rebuild the society and support the earthquake victim and spread the message to the world that “Nepal is Safe to travel”.  So, be a part of this campaign to rebuild and help the locals to recuperate their economic and social status.

One of the best ways to explore and travel to Nepal is to do volunteer work.  Volunteering helps you to know about the culture and lifestyle of the local people.  This is one of the closest ways to be a part of the community and take part in their daily lifestyle.  It will be a unique experience for you to be a part helping local community.  Volunteering is getting popular among the foreigners these days.  Volunteering will give you a chance to get you know about the real lifestyle of Nepal.

Besides travelling, trekking, and sightseeing, most of the tourists like to spend time with the local people and help them by volunteering.  It includes teaching, helping building houses, schools, and health center, giving medical cares, etc.


Teaching is one of the activities to do here in Nepal.  Most of the students in schools in rural areas learn in their own language than English.  So you can help them teach and learn English and other subjects.  Teaching program is mostly based in the rural areas, outside the city or developed place.

You will be assisting local teachers with their class with English and other subjects. There will be 2 to 3 hours class from Sunday to Friday. Volunteers are encouraged to bring teaching materials that will help you to teaching.

There will be lots of free time during your volunteering here in Nepal.  During these free times, you can explore local community with the local people.  Local community will help you to guide and explore different places. While volunteering you will be:

  • Teaching English and other subjects in the local school.
  • Teaching using different materials or creating low-cost teaching materials.
  • Assisting local teachers.

Healthcare program

Due to the lack of proper health education and geographical conditions, many Nepalese citizens suffer or even die because of simple diseases.  By educating people about the healthcare and hygiene, you can improve their health and help them to live simple, healthy and prosperous life.

Doctors, nurses, and medical students can join the team and volunteer in the rural areas of Nepal. Professional doctors and nurses can use different medical skills in a developing country and will also know the difference between the western and local medical practice. Medical students will get a chance to gain practical knowledge.

Volunteers will work on the local hospitals/health posts along with the local doctors and nurses. Volunteers will give regular checkups and can also do some health camps where they can organize an awareness program where they will give some information about the personal hygiene, health awareness, and proper sanitation.  They will also run a mobile clinic in different parts of the village.This project will run throughout the year, so depending on volunteering team, we can fix time and duration for volunteering.